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The Fastest RC Car in the World

[caption id="attachment_154" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Fastest RC Car"]Fastest RC Car[/caption] If you are into power and speed, then remote control cars are just the toys for you. As a beginner, you may enjoy buying and racing the out of the box remote control toys which can reach speeds of up to 70 mph. However, you may find it a little challenging to handle and control such fast speeds as a beginner. You may therefore start slow and ease your way up to more powerful cars by making simple upgrades to the battery pack of your remote control car. When you are ready, you can do various modifications to make your car go faster than 130 mph - just as Nic Case did. The fastest RC cars in the world include Team Associated's Nitro TC3 model which was driven by Nic Case when it set this record. This remote control car is a modified electric car with a top speed of 134.4 mph. The Nitro TC3 is a 1/10 scale touring RC car powered by 24 Reedy NiCd batteries. The motor of the car spins at 54,000 rpm and pumps out about 2 hp. This car is available from Team Associated in its ready to run - RTR version which is ideal for beginners. This model is one of the fastest and cheapest nitro remote control racing cars that is currently available in the market. Powered by a nitro engine, the Nitro TC3 outstrips all others in terms of speed and performance. The fuel used in this car contains nitro methane which enables these nitro powered remote control car models to easily exceed speeds of 80 mph. It also features very durable breaks and a floating carbon steel rotator which makes it ideal for drifting and racing. The car is able to adjust on all types of tracks using its adjustable gears. In addition, its revised rear suspension enables easier handling and maneuvering of the car.
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