Beginners Rc Helicopter Guide Gas Electric
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Beginners RC Helicopter guide Gas vs. Electric

Beginners RC Helicopter guide � Gas vs. Electric   For anyone who�s ever wondered what it�s like to fly a helicopter, the increasingly popular pastime of remote control helicopter are a great way to experience the thrill of flight without ever leaving the ground. From total novices to seasoned fliers, anyone can enjoy this hobby thanks to the ever-widening variety of RC helicopters on the market.   Once, nitro RC helicopters were the undisputed favorite of the flying world, but the advent of lithium polymer batters have sent electric RC helicopters soaring in popularity. There are definite pros and cons to both electric RC helicopters and nitro (or gas) RC helicopters; which type is a better choice overall comes down to who you ask.   Many people will agree, however, that when it comes to RC helicopters for beginners, electric is often the way to go. This is due to the fact that electric helis are incredibly easy to get started with � you just have to charge the batteries, and you can get started on your first flight! Electric RC helicopters like the 9100 Metal Gyro RC by Double Horse or the Co Douphin 2.4 Ghz by ESky will have you up and flying in no time � both for less than $100.   Electric RC helicopters also score points when it comes to their environmental friendliness; they are much cleaner than their nitro counterparts � and quieter, too. Of course, lovers of nitro helis often cite the noise of their crafts as a pro, believing that it adds to the authenticity of the flying experience.   Another good thing about nitro helicopters is the fact that they generally have longer flight times. If you invest in a larger, more complex electric system in your helicopter, you can achieve equal flying time as a nitro model, but electric helis almost always run out of charge before nitro helis run out of fuel.   When it comes to selecting the RC helicopter you want to start out with, you should take all those factors into consideration, in addition to price. Electric RC helis are usually less expensive than nitros, sometimes considerably. For instance, a Vibe 90SG 3D Pro Heli Kit (a nitro) will run you $1,499.99, and the less expensive (but still costly) T-REX 600 Nitro 3G is $1069.99. Vibe 90SG 3D Pro Heli Kit: VSG� �Vibe 50 3D Pro Heli Kit: V3D 90SG 3D Pro Heli Kit T-REX 600 Nitro Super Pro Combo   If you really want to save your cash, you can get started with an extremely inexpensive mini gyro RC helicopter, which you can find for less than $30. Many people view mini RC helicopters more as toys than hobby-grade models of RC flying � some are even tethered, or attached to an external battery by a thin wire � but these mini helis can still be tons of fun. If you choose a tethered model, your fun can last much longer, since you can use high-capacity batteries and fly for a very long time.   Some popular mini gyro RC helicopter models include those made by Syma, like the S1076 Mini Gryo. You can also find mini gyros that look like specific military-issue planes, like the S0266 Mini Chinook Cargo Transport or the Syma S108G Marines Force Gyro. All of these models are available for less than $40, meaning they�re great starter RC helis that won�t break the bank.   Of course, just because an RC helicopter is electric doesn�t mean that it will be inexpensive. The more complex the electric system, controls, and features, the more money you�ll spend � which applies to nitro RC helicopters, too. Features like two-system mixing control, power saving mechanisms, adjustable flybars, cooling fans, main drive gears, and auto-rotation system can mean a much more involved and realistic flying experience, but they can also mean a dent in your wallet.   One thing to consider when choosing your RC helicopter is the amount of channels it has. Helicopters with 2 and 3 channels are generally geared towards children or people who want to use RC helis as more of a toy. For those who want to dive into the hobby, consider 4 channel RC helicopters, which demand more precise control. The Blade mCX by E-Flite is a good choice for a 4 channel electric RC helicopter.   6 channel RC helicopters are like the 4 channel helis, but they can perform inverted 3D maneuvers. This means that they can not only fly forward, backward, side-to--side, and hover, but they can also fly upside-down. The Honey Bee King by ESky is a popular 6 channel electric RC helicopter. The more channels a RC heli has, the more expensive it usually is.   For beginner fliers, there�s no need to spend money on complex features or RC helicopters with more than 4 channels � first, get the basics down with an inexpensive, basic model, and if you like it, you can always move on to the more complex RC helis.   One of the reasons you don�t want to spend too much on your first RC helicopter is the fact that you�re bound to experience a crash sooner or later, and it�s a lot less painful to damage a $30 craft than it is to damage a $1,000 one.   So, how to fly an RC helicopter? First, you should always perform a pre-check flight. Make sure that your nuts and bolts are tight, linkages aren�t loose, and, if flying an electric heli, that the batteries are fully charged. Choose your flying ground wisely. While mini gyros and many other electric RC helicopters can be flown indoors, larger models (including nitro helis) should be flown in an open area that is free of trees, power lines, buildings, and other obstacles. When flying, always stand at least 5 to 10 feet away from your helicopter, and don�t fly it near other people or too close to other helicopters.   More complex maneuvers can mean greater chances of a crash, so you might want to consider practicing new moves on a flight simulator before you attempt them on your RC helicopter. Weather can also play a big factor in crashes. If it�s a windy day outside, you might want to put off your flight completely, but if you insist on flying that day, make sure you always fly your RC helicopter upwind.   Now that you�ve got an idea of the different types of RC helicopters, what to look for when buying one for yourself, and factors to consider when flying in order to avoid damaging your fun new craft to prevent buying rc helicopter parts , you can dive into the high-flying world of RC helicopters with confidence!      
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