Preparing Rc Boat Water 2
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Preparing Your RC Boat for the Water

Playing with RC boats can be enjoyed by everyone. However, before you place it in the water, there are some steps which you need to do as preparation. [caption id="" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Atlantic Cruise Yacht"][/caption] Apply lube on the propeller shaft. Before running the boat for the very first time, remove its main propeller shaft and apply lube with a liberal quantity of marine grease. There are many benefits for this. One of the primary reasons is that marine grease helps properly seal the tube�s flex shaft to minimize friction since friction heat is usually the major cause for an RC boat�s breakdown. Charge batteries properly. Whether you are operating an RC boat that is powered by fuel that makes use of rechargeable receiver packs or an electric RC boat that utilize main battery packs, it is still important for you to charge the batteries before using them for the first time. Don�t overlook the glow driver since this also makes use of a rechargeable battery. Conduct a break-in for the nitro engine. This is one of the processes commonly overlooked. This needs to be done for an easier tuning of the engine, making it run faster and last longer. You will need to keep the engine idle for several fuel tanks to guarantee a good fit between the sleeve and piston inside the crankcase of the engine. Program the boat�s speed control. A lot of new models incorporate programmable controls for electronic speed and brushless-motor system or ESC. Whatever program you are using, you need to ensure that the speed control of your RC boat is properly programmed and configured. Make use of fresh fuel. Using old fuel is one of the common mistakes people do with regards to their RC boats which are fuel-powered. This could pose some issues, especially with boats with 2-cycle gas power. Making use of fresh fuel will guarantee maximum performance, proper lubrication and oil for all the fundamental moving parts in your RC boat�s engine. Matt Caine always enjoys his collection of RC boat models. He collects them and plays with them regularly. He is always trying to expand his collection of RC boat models every time he gets a chance. He also enjoys reading about tips and writing articles for RC hobbyists and beginners alike.    
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