Preserve Battery Life Remote Control Helicopter
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How to Preserve the Battery Life of Your Remote Control Helicopter

There are many different batteries available in the market for your remote control helicopter, or for any electrical gadget for that matter. However, if there is one kind that is definitely suggested for your RC Helicopter in order to preserve it and give it maximum performance, the Lithium Polymer also known as LiPo Battery is the most suitable one. These Lithium Polymer batteries are the main reason that electric RC helicopters are so popular due to its cost efficiency as compared to fuel or Gas RC Helicopters. The batteries used in RC helicopters are a special kind and it takes a special consideration in using these batteries in order to enjoy flying RC helicopters. The ease and comfort that these lithium batteries provide, gives one, the best buy, regardless the cost. It was only when these batteries came out that electric planes and helicopters became a big hit. It paved the way for more convenience and accessibility. It is well-known for use on devices from cell phones, electronic gadgets all the way to remote control helicopters. It has great energy saving abilities, so much so, that it can store up to 350% more energy then a normal battery would use. Yes, it weighs 10%-20% less than normal batteries, making the R C Helicopter lighter so it can still fly higher and in fact, faster. They discharge a lot more current as compared to normal batteries used for RC helicopters, and they can be fully charged in less than an hour or an hour at the most. Other batteries need to be fully drained or discharged before you can charge them, if not, then, the length of efficiency is shortened. What is so good about using a Lithium Polymer battery is that it does not need to be fully discharged. You can charge it whenever, ensuring that you always have a full battery pack. There are specific chargers that are designed to charge lithium polymer batteries. One thing that makes these batteries so popular is that the manufacturers can shape them in any way they want, depending on the shape of the object to which the batteries will be utilized. These Lithium Polymer batteries, although very small, can hold lots of power in them. They are also well known for having high discharge rates, which are able to give high power to very demanding or consuming electric motors. Although Lithium Polymer batteries are expensive as compared to other batteries that are available in the market, the prices are starting to go down due to the availability and the demand for them. More and more people want to start using them for their Electric RC Helicopters and other electrical gadgets and toys. If there is one thing to avoid while using your Lithium Polymer battery, it is over discharging. You have to make sure you do not do this because this is what eventually kills your Lithium Polymer battery. Although you will spend more on this kind of battery at the beginning as compared to the other kinds, it is still very advisable to get this because it gives maximum performance and it is one of the longest-lasting batteries there are that are suited for RC helicopters.
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