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RC Airplane Sponsorships

Many people contact us asking about a sponsorship for their YouTube channel. In fact, we get requests like these almost daily! Unfortunately, 99% of them are just requests for free parts and provide virtually no value in return.

Before we can even review a sponsorship proposal related to a YouTube channel, here are some prerequisites:

  • You must have an existing YouTube channel with at least 1,000 subscribers and 500,000 views.
  • You must have a plan for a series of videos to be featured on your channel that you wish to have sponsored by our company.
  • You must have a complete list of parts that you wish to receive as part of the sponsorship.
  • You must present yourself professionally with correct spelling and grammar.
  • You must present a complete proposal listing everything that you will do to help us advertise our products and everything you expect in return. DO NOT just email us with "Will you sponsor my YouTube channel" and expect us to do all the work along with sending free parts.

Before you contact us about a sponsorship, make sure you meet all of the above criteria and include evidence for each item above with your initial request.

If we decide to sponsor you, here are some of the things we will expect:

  • A permanent banner or icon embedded in each video we sponsor.
  • A verbal mention of our website in each video we sponsor.
  • A permanent link to our website in your YouTube channel.
  • If you have a website, a link to us on your website will also help a sponsorship proposal.
  • We will need copies of the videos that we sponsor, and your permission to continue using them in our website in the event that the sponsorship expires.

Getting sponsored is not for everyone! It's a lot of work and a sponsorship is a way to subsidize your hobby, not a way to make money. Unless you vastly exceed our minimum requirements, we will only send free or discounted parts as part of a sponsorship, never cash.

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