Rc German Panther Tank A Thing Of Beauty
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RC German Panther Tank - A Thing of Beauty

[caption id="attachment_253" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="German Panther RC Tank"]German Panther RC Tank[/caption] Without a doubt, an RC German Panther tank has the ability to awe any hobbyist and RC enthusiasts. This replica is a 1/16 scale model of the authentic Panther Tank that features radio-controlled motions for gun elevation, turret rotation and directional movements. It has a full suspension BB-firing main gun that can reach targets within a range of 25 meters. With this impressive model, you will surely get your money�s worth and find real gratification while engaging in a mock battle. With precision and control, this tank model can fire continuously so it would help to have extra BB pellets handy. It uses self-generated compressed air in its motorized firing system which is fully automated. To get you started, the package comes with a box of pellets for you to start practicing your aim. You can enjoy up to 30 minutes of fun-filled play when the tank�s battery is fully charged. The package also comes with a rechargeable battery and charger. A control transmitter is equipped with a power switch and an indicator light to tell when the power is on. It requires 8 AA alkaline batteries to operate which are not included with the tank. The radio control has interchangeable crystals that make it possible to control multiple tanks at once. On a precautionary note, never operate similar frequency tanks within close range of one another to avoid the possibility of crossing signals with other tanks which can cause erratic behavior. The function buttons are easy to master. The engine icon is responsible for starting or stopping the engine and engine shutdown effects. The G button is used for firing the hull machine gun with sound effects and flashing light on the cupola. The K button is used to simulate recoil on the hull as well as triggering the sound for main gun firing. But keep in mind, this button is not responsible for firing the fun. To do so, you must push both joysticks forward. Turret movement is controlled by the left joystick, too. It allows the turret to turn while moving either up or down at the same time. The right joystick, on the other hand, is responsible for movements like forward, backward, right spin, left spin, right turn, left turn, backward right turn and backward left turn. Fine tuning of the joy stick is done by using the two trim levers of the right joystick. To ensure your safety, the BB guns on these RC tanks can only be fired once you switch off the safety found just underneath the loader�s hatch. And once the gun has taken its firing position, you will see a red light to the side of the main gain indicating it is ready to fire. For added special effects, smoke is emitted from the rear exhaust of the vehicle while the engine is running. The built-in smoke generator makes this function possible. A switch that can be found underneath the tank is used to turn the smoke generator on or off. For maintenance purposes, add several drops of oil into the exhaust tubes from time to time.
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