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RTF RC Helicopter Are They Truly Ready to Fly Out of the Box?

Electric-powered RC helicopters haven�t always been the popular, go-to option for RC enthusiast as they are today. They owe their popularity due to advancements in the electronics and radio-control industry. Those advancements made it possible for the flying features of battery-controlled RC helicopters to improve in quality while also costing less to develop and manufacture. The combination of increased performance and decreased price means that the electric (battery) powered RC helicopters industry began to gain global prominence and attract more and more fans. This incentivized manufacturers to release beginner versions called RTF or "Ready to Fly" to appeal to the burgeoning market. However, as anyone who has purchased a RTF helicopter learned, one should not take marketing terms too literally.   [caption id="" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="9077 Falcon"][/caption] How �Ready to Fly� Got Its Name �Ready to fly", the phrase used to describe many beginner and more advanced planes came about during the pre-modern RC aviation age. What it really suggested back then, was "require no assembly", with RTF planes providing an alternative to those who were not as interested in customization and craftsmanship. It did not mean to imply that RTF helicopters didn't need set-ups, tinkering, or tuning prior to take off. Back when RC planes were much more expensive and difficult to master, there was a smaller market for consumers, thus not as much interest from anyone except relatively serious hobbyists. Nowadays with the RC helicopter market booming thanks to the advances in technology allowing for better flights and inexpensive planes, manufacturers have churned out more and more �Ready to fly� plans aimed at beginners. Incomplete Components It is understandable how brand new pilots just getting started with RC helis presume that a model tagged as "flying right out of the box" will do just that. Contrary to what most people think, however, RTF helicopters don�t always come with everything you need to fly. The most typical missing element is the battery pack for the radio controller - they often include a battery holder that will require 4 to 8 AA alkaline. Another commonly missing element is a battery charger. Indeed, many think it is strange that these RTF kits consist of a battery pack yet no battery charger. Luckily makers have answered this problem and more and more new RTF versions now come with an adequate charger. Hold on there, Ace Another thing newbie pilots quickly realize is that staying airborne is pretty tricky, especially for four channel helicopters. Although one can find co-axle RC helicopters that are a little easier to manage, they also demand hours of practice. So even if the helicopter came ready to fly straight out of the box, you might not be as ready. Noel West always enjoys his collection of RC helicopters. Since a very young age, he has always been excited by RC toys and RC helicopters. He loves meeting people who also share the same passion for RC cars, trucks and toys like himself.  
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